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You love your iPhone... and iPhoneography is your passion.

The iPhone is the leading point-and-shoot camera on Flickr. You want quality glass that produces tack sharp photos from your iPhone that wows. You want the lens to be an extension of you and your beautiful iPhone. We get that.

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You have discerning tastes in lenses...That shows your sharp, refined eye.

You want to show that creamy bokeh on a portrait of your significant other. You want sharp, in-focus shots of a colorful landscape. You'd like to get a shot of that airplane flying overhead. You're in luck.

We have lenses for you. Manfrotto to Zeiss. It's all here.

We select the finest lenses at competitve prices. From here, you'll find the top rated lenses for iPhone. The Lens Cap collects them and sells them to you all in one place. We're your first and last place for quality lenses.

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